The Best Way to Grow Your Church

What is the best way to grow VC – direct mail, signs, door hangers, newspaper ads?

The best way to grow VC is much cheaper. In fact it is free, but it will cost. It will cost a little bit of time. I’m talking about taking time to personally invite a friend. Research shows over and over again – nothing beats a personal invitation. Is there a friend or loved one in your life you could invite?

Our new series, “From This Day Forward” is a perfect time. This week we’re going to talk about how to fight fair. If you never fight in your marriage someone is not alive. Husbands and wives in a healthy marriage will lock horns from time to time. Here’s the good news. Disagreements can build intimacy and unity if we learn how to do it right.

Here’s a link to our FB invite. Please select the “share” button and invite your friends this Sunday!