How to Get Out of Your Rut

stuck2 Looking outside at the ground covered lightly in snow, it reminds me of the surprise storm that hit our area last Tuesday, creating a nightmare commute. I was out that morning, and saw several cars and trucks stuck in ruts. I was amazed to see one car over the shoulder, and down into a patch of bushes and trees.

When your car gets stuck in a rut, you can’t get yourself out. You can spin your tires all you want, but the rut grows deeper. To get out you need someone to help you.

In life we can fall into a rut – a rut in our thinking, attitudes, outlook, habits, marriage, and our relationship with God. You just feel stuck. You’ve walked the beaten path for so long, it’s no longer a path, but a rut, and life is passing you by. Someone said a rut is a grave with both ends knocked out.

You can’t get out on your own. You need the help of other people. That’s what the church is about. It’s not a place for us to brag and boast. It’s a place where stuck people can get unstuck with the help of others who care.

I want to invite you to join us on Sunday, February 1st as we launch a new series called, “Transformed.” With the new message series several new life groups will be forming. In a life group you’ll find the support and encouragement you need to truly change. Visit us this Sunday at Patriot High School at 10:30 AM to find out more.