What to Do When You’re “In Between”

6O8vb Have you ever been “in between”? The “in betweens” of life are the seasons between the promise of a better tomorrow and it’s fulfillment. You’re in the middle. It’s the one season of life that can’t seem to move quick enough. In fact the in between times feel like they’ll last forever.

Right now, the church I pastor is in an “in between” time. We have 18 acres of land at an incredible location, the corner of Vint Hill and Kettle Run, by Patriot High School. We were able to change the use of the land from agricultural to church use – no small task. We have the promise of a future church home, but now we’re in the middle. We’re mobile, setting up and tearing down each weekend, storing our gear in a truck. We’ve been “in between” now for about 5 years.

Have you ever been there? Are you there now? Life is full of “in betweens” – gaps between the promise and its fulfillment. What do we do in the middle?

One great example for us comes from the life of Abraham. God gave him an incredible promise found in Genesis 12:7 – Then the LORD appeared to Abram and said, “I will give this land to your descendants.” And Abram built an altar there and dedicated it to the LORD, who had appeared to him.”

God’s promise? This land will be yours and your descendants. But, with the promise still unfulfilled Abraham built an altar. He built an altar on land that didn’t belong to him yet. This wasn’t his only altar. On four different occasions, in different places, the Bible says Abraham built an altar. Altar building was part of his journey through the “in betweens.”

What does an altar represent? It’s a place of sacrifice, worship, praise, and thanksgiving – all helpful practices while you wait. That fourth one is particularly powerful – being intentional with our thankfulness.

Thankfulness will fill the tank of your soul with fresh supplies of energy. Thankfulness will give an extra boost to your prayers. Thankfulness will give you joy while you wait. While we’re thankful we are thinking of the great things God has done and as a result, our faith is expands. So, build an altar of thankfulness today. It may take some work, but it will be worth it.

Whatever you do, don’t murmur or complain. Murmuring, whining, and complaining will turn our “in betweens” into a dry, desert wasteland.

The words to the hymn “He Leadeth Me” encourage us. “Lord, I would clasp Thy hand in mine, nor ever murmur nor repine. Content whatever lot I see. Since ’tis my God that leadeth me. He leadeth me. He leadeth me. By His own hand He leadeth me. His faithful follower I would be. For by His hand He leadeth me.”